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Senior Leadership Team

Simon Minter - Head Teacher

Deborah Oldham - Deputy Head Teacher and Head of KS1

James Loome - Head of KS2 - Year 6 Teacher

Classroom Teachers

Reception - Gemma Lark

Year 1 - Jayne Daniels/Janet Rust and Jenny Peck

Year 2 - Deborah Oldham

Year 3 - Matthew Brown

Year 4 - Kayleigh Speirs

Year 5 - Elaine Cushing

Year 6 - James Loome

SRB - Norman Johnson

Education Support Staff:

Reception - Machala Yaxley and Joanne Potter

Year 1 - Carol Coulam and Sue Brabben

Year 2 - Leah Lowe

Year 3 - Tracey Applegate

Year 4 - Tina Dale

Year 5 - Nicola Lazell

Year 6 - Clare Martins, Tina Wyton and Margaret Trentham

SRB - Lesley Brint and Michelle Smith

Nursery Staff:

Nadine Barber, Debra Martin, Jane Mercer, Kim Thain and Hannah Whitfield

Office staff:

Michala Whittaker, Helen Sofokleous and Lynsey Boulton


Emma Durrant, Amanada Butcher and Linda Brown

Cleaning staff:

Gobnait Leech, Angie Roberts, Debbie Hack, Sandra Wells and Steve Willmore

Mid Day Supervisors:

Angela Gray, Kelly Keeler, Patricia Joyce, Gobnait Leech, Kim Robinson, Annie Seymour, Sharon Mansfield and Leanne Patterson.

Breakfast Club:

Kim Robinson and Annie Seymour

After school club:

Lindsay Burns and Leah Lowe