Copies of all our policies are available from the school office on request.

Admissions Policy (June 19)

Allegations of Abuse Policy (Oct 20)

Anti Bullying Policy (June 19)

Appraisal and Capability Policy (Mar 18)

Attendance Policy (Sept 20)

Behaviour Policy (Oct 20)

British Values Policy (Nov 18)


Collective Worship Policy (June 19)

Community Cohesion Policy (June 19)

Complaints Policy (Mar 19)

Critical Incidents Policy (Nov 20)

Data Protection Policy (Oct 2020)

Educational Visits Policy (Oct 20)

Equality and Diversity Policy (Oct 20)

Events Management Policy (Mar 19)

EYFS Policy (Mar 19)

First Aid at Work Policy (Oct 20)

Governor Allowances Policy (Mar 19)

Governors' Code of Conduct Policy (Nov 18)

Health and Safety Policy (Nov 20)

Induction Policy (Mar 19)

Intimate Care Policy (June 19)

Lone Working Policy (Nov 18)

Manual Handling Policy (Nov 18)

Mathematics & Calculations Policy (May 17)

Nursery Admissions & Charging Policy (Sept 20)

Online Safety Policy (Nov 19)

Preventing Extremism & Radicalisation Policy (Nov 19)

PSHE + RSE Policy (Nov 20)

Pupil Premium Policy (Dec 17)

Safeguarding Policy (Sept 20)

Safer Recruitment Policy (May 18)

SEND Policy 2020-2021

SRB Policy (Oct 20)

Staff Code of Conduct Policy (Dec 19)

Staff Discipline & Grievance Policy (July 18)

Staff Wellbeing Policy (June 19)

Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions Policy (Feb 18)

Teaching, Learning and Assessment Policy (Nov 18)

Time off Work Policy (Nov 18)

Violence at Work Policy (June 19)

Volunteers Policy (Mar 19)

Whistle-blowing Policy (Oct 20)