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Welcome to the Reception class page. The teacher in Reception class is Mrs Kelsey. In the Autumn Term in Reception, the children spend their time developing their social skills and learning about the routines of school life. Our initial topic is “All About Me”, which enables the children to get to know about themselves, their families and their peers. As the year progresses, the topics we follow are mainly based around the children’s interests. Last year, for example, we learned about Minibeasts, Space, Dinosaurs and Fairytales. This becomes our curriculum for the year, and the children achieve their learning objectives through activities that interest them. By the end of the Reception year, it is our aim for all children to be able to read, write and recognise all the sounds from phases 2 and 3 of the Letters and Sounds phonics scheme. This knowledge will then be applied to their reading and writing. By the end of their first year at school, all children should be able to write a simple sentence and draw a simple picture to go with it. By the end of the year, we also hope that children will recognise all numbers up to 20, and be able to use these in simple operations such as addition and subtraction. Young children learn in very practical ways, and we teach Maths with a very hands-on approach, using a range of counting materials, singing rhymes and visual resources. Above all, our aim is for your child to be happy in his/her first year at school. We want them to be as independent as possible in managing their day, and we hope you will help with this at home. Children need to be confident enough to take risks with their learning— to be prepared to “have a go” at something that looks hard at first, and to ask for help if they need it. And we are keen to work with you as parents to make sure that, between us, we produce confident and happy learners who will have laid firm foundations for their education. Rec