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Feb 13

NEW After School Clubs

Check out our new After School Clubs starting after half term. More details can be found in the “About Us” tab above. Each session costs £4.50. Forms available from reception.

Oct 30

School Dinners and payments to school

If you would like your child to have a meal at school please try and pay in advance on a Monday. School dinner costs £2.30.  We have a credit system so you can give us, for example, £10 which will be placed on our system and used as your child takes a lunch. We accept …

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Nov 09

Bug Busting

Head lice are a problem not only with school children but in the wider community.  Although unpleasant they are nothing to be ashamed of.  The best method as recommended by the NHS is regular wet combing.  Even if you use a chemical solution you will still need to wet comb regularly afterwards with a narrow …

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Jan 19

Our school day

Our school day starts at 8.40am and finishes at 3.10pm.  Parents should see their children into the front playground where staff are on duty but we ask that you do not come onto the grounds in the morning as it is a very busy time.  If you wish to speak to a member of staff please go …

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Feb 21


Research is showing more and more that good attendance throughout a child’s school life has a direct impact on their success at GCSE and beyond.  Headteachers have for many years had discretion to authorise up to 10 days leave under very exceptional circustances, but family holidays in term time have become a normal pattern for …

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Sep 01

PE kits

This a reminder to please bring your PE kit in on the Monday and to take it home for washing on a Friday. Please make sure your child has appropriate kit for the weather.