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Vision for the School

Hillside Primary School

Vision for the school

Hillside Primary School will be a happy place of excellence, where everyone can recognise and achieve their full potential in all areas of their development. It will be:
  • a place of learning, where everyone is successful
  • a place that fosters relationships, where everyone is respected
  • a place of acceptance, where everyone is valued
  • a place of belonging, where everyone is welcomed, and safe
Our place of learning will be:
  • proactive in making sure that every child achieves their full potential in all areas of their learning
  • ambitious for each one of our children
  • dynamic in its approach – everyone should enjoy their learning
  • stimulating – a place where learning LOOKS exciting
Our teaching will be:
  • high quality, leading to successful learning
  • tailored to the needs of our children
  • fun, purposeful and challenging
  • designed to raise standards and ensure good progress in every class
  • proactive in building confidence in each child, and equipping him/her with skills for lifelong learning
  • reflective – we will constantly strive to find better ways to do things
Our school community will be:
  • inclusive – everyone (children, staff, parents, governors) is important
  • caring – we will make time for people, and they will feel safe to express ideas and take risks
  • respectful - everyone’s needs, talents and viewpoints will be considered
  • enabling – everyone deserves the best possible conditions to learn and to teach
  • outward-looking – we will work in partnership with other schools and groups, to strengthen our own
  • aware of everyone’s need to be and feel safe
We will use our vision to judge everything that we do, and we will make our values clear in all aspects of our work.