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KS1 Curriculum

In year 1 the children begin to study the National Curriculum. They build upon the experiences and learning the children bring with them from their Reception year.  We encourage the children to be more independent and to develop their learning skills further.  Extra adult support is given where necessary.  We expect the children to work co-operatively and engage in the social aspects of class life.  Our personal, social and health education lessons reflect the positive values we encourage. We follow a broad and balanced curriculum, with a very strong emphasis on basic skills: reading, writing, spelling and mathematics.  These are taught daily.  Other subjects are taught regularly: Computing, Music, PE, RE and some subjects - Science, History, Geography, Art, Design Technology - are taught through topics.  Most topics are taught as a key stage, but some as a year group.  We try to make the topics exciting and stimulating with lots of practical work. At present it is statutory requirement that all children are assessed at the end of Year 2 (SATs) in reading, writing, maths and science, before they move into Key Stage 2 (years 3 to 6).