Jan 19

Arrival and Leaving times – changes to our school day

We are currently operating a rolling start between 8.30 and 8.40am.  Please see the table below.  


  • All children (except for Nursery) to arrive between 08.30 and 08.40, going straight to their class.
  • Only Nursery parents can come on to the playground in the mornings.
  • All parents are able to come on to the playground at the end of the day, using the same gate as their child (or can choose if they have more than one child).
  • Each class to only use their allocated entrance/exit throughout the day:
  • Nursery: Nursery Door (Steps)
  • Rec: Reception Door (Steps)
  • Y1+2: Year 1/2 Door to small playground
  • Y3+4: Usual door (DT room)
  • Y5+6: Door in Y5/6 near garden area
  • SRB: SRB side door
If you have a change in your pick up arrangements, please let us know as soon as you can so we can relay the message to the teacher.   There is a morning break for all and an afternoon break for KS1.  Lunchtime starts at 12.10pm and finishes at 1.10pm.

Please do not park in our staff car park or on zig zag lines on the road.  We would also ask that you are respectful of our neighbours and do not block any driveways. Thank you for your co-operation.